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3.49 GB

Royal Greenland Large North Atlantic Cold Water Prawns

  • GB

Prawns (Pandalus borealis), cooked, peeled, individually quick-frozen and ice glazed. Ingredients Prawns , Salt, Water (Protective Glaze) ...

7.99 GB

Stahly Quality Foods Clootie Dumplings

  • GB

For a truly traditional Scottish treat, try Stahly Quality Foods Clootie Dumplings. ...

11.99 GB

Jon Thorners Topside Beef

  • GB

What could be more British than a tender slice of Jon Thorner Topside Beef? ...

3.79 GB

Jon Thorners Lamb Kidney

  • GB

A good butcher or local producer is always your best bet for procuring fresh lambs’ kidneys, and now you can enjoy them wherever you are in the world with a packet from the master butchers at Jon Thorners. ...