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5.99 GB

Spoiltpig Smoked Dry Cured Back Bacon

  • GB

Rubbed with a sea salt cure, Spoiltpig Smoked Dry Cured Back Bacon is then matured and smoked over Beechwood. ...

2.39 GB

Jon Thorners Gala Pie Slice

  • GB

Award-winning farm shop, Jon Thorners, have created this deliciously British Gala Pie Slice for our Chilled section. ...

3.49 GB

Thai Taste Green Curry Meal Kit

  • GB

Whip up a delicious Thai green curry at home with this easy to use meal kit from Thai Taste. ...

8.99 GB

Inverawe Organic Smoked Salmon Small

  • GB

Inverawe’s delicate Organic Smoked Salmon is the mouth-watering and luscious seafood delicacy that makes for a truly gourmet treat. ...

4.19 GB

Quorn Deli Peppered Beef Style Slices

  • GB

The Quorn Deli Peppered Beef is a great tasting, low calorie alternative to beef. It has the same great taste as the meat option and is perfect between to slices of bread with so Colmans English Mustard, or with a ploughman’s lunch. ...

11.99 GB

Jon Thorners Topside Beef

  • GB

What could be more British than a tender slice of Jon Thorner Topside Beef? ...

1.99 GB

Bury 1 Ring Black Pudding Pack

  • GB

Black pudding enthusiasts are sure to love this premium Bury 1 Ring Black Pudding Pack. ...

6.49 GB

Inverawe Kippers Pair

  • GB

Kippers are an essential ingredient to a traditional British Breakfast. ...

15.99 GB

Jon Thorners Ribeye Steak

  • GB

Jon Thorners Ribeye Steaks are succulent, large and thick slabs of delicious beef. ...

5.79 GB

Inverawe Peppered Mackerel Fillets

  • GB

For a healthy meal you can have ready in minutes, choose Inverawe Peppered Mackerel Fillets. ...

6.69 GB

Stahly Quality Foods Vegetarian Haggis

  • GB

As a vegetarian have you ever wondered what Haggis tastes like? Then look no further than Stahly Quality Vegetarian Haggis. ...

4.29 GB

British Butler Smoked Back Bacon

  • GB

There’s nothing quite like the smell of bacon being grilled, but eating it is undoubtedly better and now you can enjoy British Butler Smoked Back Bacon wherever you are in the world. ...