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27.20 GB

Picanha Joint

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A popular South American cut widely known in UK as rump cap. Ideal for roasting joints and it can also be cut into steaks. Due to the nature of this joint its weight varies between 1.2 to 1.6kg. Our beef is from Scotch Beef cattle naturally reared and predomin...

1.30 GB

Heatherfield Burger

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Our delicious Heatherfield Burgers are freshly hand made by Campbells in Lathallan to our own family recipe. This burger has the perfect balance of flavours between beef chuck roll mustard and garlic. Extremely popular during barbecue season.  Only available...

4.59 GB

Salsiccia Italian Sausages

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These small-size sausages originate from the Italian cuisine and are widely eaten in Italy and USA. 450g pack of 4 sausages fresh from Imola in Italy. Refrigerated Shelf Life From Despatch Date: 12 Days Frozen Shelf Life From Despatch Date: 6 Months   £10.20...

1.56 GB

Scotch Pork Loin Steaks

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Cut from the boneless middle loin which provides the leanest meat these steaks are immensely popular. Easy and versatile to prepare with the rind on which helps to retain moisture and adds flavour during cooking. Our Scotch Pork is from Quality Meat Scotland C...

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Turkey Escalope

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Fresh turkey from breast meat. Fresh turkey escalope is an easy dinner to make mid-week (stir fry and curries) and they are also perfect for a healthy lunch! Good for people looking to eat lean meats and have a high protein intake and build muscle. £11.95 per...

5.50 GB

Scottish Smoked Salmon 100g Packet

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Extremely popular and deservedly so. Pre-sliced lengthwise for easy portions. Perfect for parties and big occasions our own Smoked Salmon is one of the best available. Mild flavour translucent and tender. Farmed Scotch Salmon smoked especially to Campbells own...

12.92 GB

Scotch Beef T Bone Steak

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A T-bone steak gives you the fillet steak on one side of the bone and the sirloin steak on the other side. A big steak full of flavour for all meat lovers. Especially popular in the summer months. The T-bone steak is considered one of the highest quality gourm...

29.28 GB

Scottish Wild Venison Loin Boneless Larder Trim

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Venison loin (or venison saddle) is ideal for quick roasting or slicing into fillet steaks. Lean and high in protein iron and omega N-3 fatty acids Venison is becoming more and more popular. Due to the leanness venison roasting joints are best served pink to a...

10.81 GB

Rare Breed Pork Leg Boneless

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Pork leg is a rather lean cut but the outdoor raised rare breed pork from Saddleback pigs is beautifully marbled resulting in a much more flavoursome and tender meat. The bones are removed and the joint is rolled for easy carving. The Saddleback pig is a strik...

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Scotch Pork Butterfly Steaks

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Butterfly steaks are Loin Steaks cut to double thickness then partially split through the centre and opened out. An unusual cut that is looks attractive and is tasty to eat perfect for Valentines day. Our Scotch Pork is from Quality Meat Scotland Certified Far...

8.34 GB

Ox Cheek

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Another cut that deserves its recent revival. Perfect for slow cooked stews with lots of flavour. Ox Cheek is one of those beef cuts that have lost favour over the years but is making a strong come back as a cut that offers great value for money and is also fu...

6.79 GB

Hand Diced Scotch Beef Stewing Steak

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Perfect for a whole range of dishes. Hand dicing makes all the difference – our skilled butchers remove the gristle and most of the fat. Our stewing steak is cut from the chuck roll eye. Our beef is from Scotch Beef cattle naturally raised on farm recogn...