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Waitrose British roast chicken tikka mini fillets

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Chicken mini breast fillets roasted in a tikka spiced marinade. From a long established group of carefully selected British farmers and suppliers who share our commitment to: – Delivering the highest animal welfare standards – Quality succulent chi...

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from Waitrose antipasto miso

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from Waitrose antipasto miso. ...

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Crayfish In Brine

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Cooked and peeled crayfish in brine. Drained weight 900g. Scientific Name: Procambarus ClakiiProvenance: ChinaCatch or Cultivation Method: NettedRefrigerated Shelf Life From Despatch Date: 7+ Days   £22.50 per KG ...

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Protein Meat Box

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Protein is one of three nutrients along with carbohydrates and fat called macronutrients that supply the body with calories. The consumption of protein and muscle building are complementary processes as protein is necessary for building tissue. The Protein Mea...

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Scotch Beef Bavette Steak

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Bavette Steak also known as Flank Steak or Hempe Steak are prepared from the hindquarter flank. They are very flavoursome fairly lean and have a bit of marbling. Our beef is from predominantly grass fed Scotch Beef cattle naturally raised on farms recognised ...

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Thai Taste Fish Sauce

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If you love whipping up tasty Thai dishes at home, then you will need Thai Taste Fish Sauce, an essential ingredient in Thai cooking. ...

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Buy Smoked Streaky Bacon

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Smoked streaky bacon is perfect for those wanting a more flavoursome bacon, if wrapping sausages for christmas or just making a bacon sandwich. The streaky bacon is cut from the belly which is naturally a bit fattier but wow does it taste good. As well as it ...

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Scotch Pork Butterfly Steaks

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Butterfly steaks are Loin Steaks cut to double thickness then partially split through the centre and opened out. An unusual cut that is looks attractive and is tasty to eat perfect for Valentines day. Our Scotch Pork is from Quality Meat Scotland Certified Far...

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Waitrose 2 boneless wild Alaskan Keta salmon fillets

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Common Name: Pacific Salmon, Keta Latin Name: Oncorhynchus keta Wild Caught or Farm Reared : Wild caught Country of Origin: Alaska Method of catch/Farming method: Troll caught, Set net, Gill net and Seine net Wild caught Catch Area: North east Pacific Ingredie...

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Corn Fed Chicken Supreme Pack of 2

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Our fresh Corn Fed Chicken Supreme is made from top quality grain fed Chicken from France. The skin and meat of corn-fed chicken is more yellow a result of having been fed corn or maize. The colour fades on cooking but the meat is more juicy and has a richer f...

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Family Meat Hamper

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In this great meat hamper we offer you grass fed beef steaks, huge succulent 6oz prime angus burgers and more! We think this hamper pack is something a little bit special. At £39.99, containing 32 items including steaks and chicken breasts, that's an av...

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Premier Roasting Joints

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If you love a Sunday roast and let's face it, unless you are a vegetarian, then most of us do! With the crispy roast potatoes, plenty of veg, stuffing and perhaps Yorkshire puddings (and we don't just have them with beef!) roast dinners are the norm ...

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Venison & Red Wine Sausages

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Wild venison and a fine red wine provides an unusual but delightful blend for this gourmet sausage. Try these sausages or buy sausages online with some of our different flavours. We have many different flavours of sausage, some traditional and some more unusu...

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Waitrose Duck Leg Confit

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Slow Cooked Duck Leg with duck fat, thyme and seasoning Ingredients Duck leg (89%), duck fat, thyme, salt, pepper ...

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Gluten Free Pork Sausages

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An intolerance to gluten can restrict what’s on offer for many, but not with sausages thanks to our 8 Gluten Free Pork Sausages. Free from gluten which can cause allergy issues for some people, these pork sausages are also chock full of calories and incredib...

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Jon Thorners Corned Beef

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Jon Thorner’s Corned Beef makes a great sandwich filler or jacket potato topping. ...

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Lyons Cooked Mussels

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Cooked Mussels Ingredients Mussels (Mytilus spp.) ( Molluscs ) Allergy Advice: For allergens, see ingredients in bold ...

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Stahly Quality Foods Mashed Neeps

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When you’re preparing hearty meal of haggis, tatties and neeps, you can make things easier for yourself by reaching for a can of Stahly Quality Foods Mashed Neeps. ...

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Chicken Thighs Bone In

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Excellent for casseroles and stews and good value for money too.  If you want the chicken glazed please mention flavour at checkout. Flavours available are Mexican chilli Steakado peppersteak smoky BBQ Cajun Chinese Garden mint Tikka Tandori Thai and Sweet &#...